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Specializing in Criminal Law and Civil Litigation

Fussell Law is here to fulfill all of your criminal law needs. We offer consultation, preparation, investigation, and litigation. We cover assaults, drug trafficking, homicides, theft, and other misdemeanors. Our firm provides sex crime, solicitation, internet solicitation representation. We will handle all trial litigation and preparation for these cases, providing you with a consultation to discuss your needs and then scheduling an appointment if we can help with your case. Our firm assists all compatible clients, including high-profile ones.

Civil Litigation

We consult, prepare, negotiate, mediate, and litigate for cases of civil matters. We cover business litigation, disputes between individuals and businesses. Some cases can include theft of property, embezzlement, forfeiture, and domestic disagreements.

Based on our education, experience, and our record of accomplishment, we're the perfect choice for all of your legal needs. You should call us as early in your legal process as possible, prior to speaking to investigators and we will advise you on the best way to move forward in your case.

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